Hybrid & Transactional Mail

Let the world of mail no longer be such a chore

Smart mail solutions that give you more control over your operations

Remove the barriers that stop your print from scaling

Hybrid Mail or Business and Customer Communications are the vital component for any business of any size, scope or scale.

Communicating with your customers quickly, efficiently and effectively is crucial which is why we made sure, from day one, our virtual business platform had the unique ability to link into the key CRM reservoirs the world of business utilise.

We will transform all your customer communications with our industry leading innovative solutions. You can get all your letters and invoices sent out with no manual process whatsoever. Your business will save money without doubt against manual processing, it will free up your employees so they can focus on their core duties, it will reduce your capex and you will only pay for what you use.

We have unlimited capacity; we have a team of experts ready to support you and we are great at finding solutions for our clients.

Send via print, text or email or a combination of all, we provide the closed loop communications your business needs and we will provide the insight and strategic approach to support your ambitions as a business.

You’re in control, no barriers to adopt, scale up or scale down as you need to, no minimal volumes, no more franking, no need for office printers, toner and paper, no more unnecessary journeys.

We are business transformation specialists and this is Approach Enterprise Platforms.


It’s our Approach that makes us different.

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Eliminate Manual Process

Automate your business operations to free up your time, allowing you to focus on other jobs

Scale Your Business

Automating processes allows your to scale your income infinitely

Smart Mail Solutions

Start using the best in class printers to provide print across all media types

Save Time and Money

Reduce your spending and time spent with franking, printers, paper, toner and control your budget

Digital purchasing platform for multi-site operations

Centralise your print procurement with our digital purchasing platform. Perfectly suited to multi-site or complex business operations, our platform allows you to curate a catalogue of print assets centrally whilst empowering individuals across the business to purchase on demand. Your teams can access the assets they need, when they need them, whilst you retain control over price, quality and consistency.

Get in touch with the team today to find out more about the Approach Enterprise Platform.

One-off requirement? No problem!

We work with clients of all sizes and deal with requirements ranging from the simplest of simple to the outright bizarre!

We welcome enquiries from any business; get in touch and we’ll discuss your needs, provide you with as much information as you need and offer competitive quotes, handled by our expert procurement management team.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Not only did Approach save us a significant amount of money, but the service and quality of our new wider supply chain and the commercial manpower it has saved has been phenomenal. Approach integrated with our team at every level, they worked diligently and in strictest confidence and proved to be as conscientious and hard working as our own people.

Sales & Commercial Director - International Media Company

In just six weeks, Approach Procurement Solutions implemented a multi-faceted portal on time and under budget including full end to end testing and user training. We now have greater visibility and harmonisation of processes at a significantly reduced unit cost.

Commercial Director - National Lawn Care Company

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