Data Intelligence

The fuel of any important business-decision

All great decisions must be backed up by data

Keep up-to-date with your customers’ demographics and spending behaviour

Some twenty years ago, we realised that data was the absolute key to doing some really smart stuff within the print industry.

The conventional thinking in 1995 was that we were wrong; it wasn’t core to the print industry and all that mattered was continual print. While we added value to our clients, they stood still, while our direct marketing campaigns became highly successful, the conventional print model became devalued.

Positioning ourselves ahead of the curve

Approach Data Insights now power the highly personalised and individualised direct marketing campaigns that we produce for our clients. We took static one-dimensional campaign material and made them measurable, we demonstrably reduce the cost of acquiring a new customer, and we develop deep insights into your customer base and find those elusive matched “look alike” new customers.

Approach Procurement Solutions can analyse your existing data and run a “Data MOT”. This provides our clients with a detailed analytical report which unlocks key information from their existing customer base, which enables our team to overlay the client’s targeted campaign areas with our report findings to generate several tiers of “look a-like” matches specific to each territory.

Our approach to data

The way we approach data is very different to our peers within the print industry. We don’t lazily use static modelling that is prone to being quickly out of date, we use live, dynamic data which is generated specifically for each campaign because we have unique access to the best data sources

Once we run those details through our suppression processes then we have a true listing of all potential customers to enable the most effective direct marketing campaigns that can be delivered (after gone-aways, un-subscribers and none-mailable addresses have been removed). Those data sets having been reviewed against postcode validation means we can finalise highly relevant groups of segmented data, now we need to discuss the best route to market.

Our team consultatively engage with the client to agree the best creative format, imagery and messaging for the campaign, along with the best route to market. This approach allows us to deliver individualised enclosed mail, partially addressed & door drop or by using our campaign management processes a hybrid of all three.

Irrelevant data has no purpose

Experience tells us that by asking the right questions to relevant stakeholders we ensure our data profiling matches your requirements perfectly; no guesswork, no nearly matching, no wasting your valuable marketing budgets on campaigns that won’t work. We provide an accurate, relevant segmented data relevant solution to each area of your local, regional or national campaigns; we will find the best solutions to match your requirements and budgets, guaranteed.

This unique data intelligence offering, driven through our fully integrated enterprise platform means data sources to come together in unison to work for you which means we generate more edge and better results for our clients.

We don’t pay attention to conventional wisdom.

Learn More About Your Customers

Focus your marketing efforts on campaigns that are highly personalised and individualised with better data

Use Relevant Data

By gathering data at the time of campaign development, you know the data is never outdated

Think Bigger

Whether your campaigns are local, regional, or national – we’ll find the best solutions to match your requirements and budget

Our Data MOT

Unlock key information about your customers and lookalike customers that allow you to be more specific with your marketing

Digital purchasing platform for multi-site operations

Centralise your print procurement with our digital purchasing platform. Perfectly suited to multi-site or complex business operations, our platform allows you to curate a catalogue of print assets centrally whilst empowering individuals across the business to purchase on demand. Your teams can access the assets they need, when they need them, whilst you retain control over price, quality and consistency.

Get in touch with the team today to find out more about the Approach Enterprise Platform.

One-off requirement? No problem!

We work with clients of all sizes and deal with requirements ranging from the simplest of simple to the outright bizarre!

We welcome enquiries from any business; get in touch and we’ll discuss your needs, provide you with as much information as you need and offer competitive quotes, handled by our expert procurement management team.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Not only did Approach save us a significant amount of money, but the service and quality of our new wider supply chain and the commercial manpower it has saved has been phenomenal. Approach integrated with our team at every level, they worked diligently and in strictest confidence and proved to be as conscientious and hard working as our own people.

Sales & Commercial Director - International Media Company

In just six weeks, Approach Procurement Solutions implemented a multi-faceted portal on time and under budget including full end to end testing and user training. We now have greater visibility and harmonisation of processes at a significantly reduced unit cost.

Commercial Director - National Lawn Care Company

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