The Evolution of Approach Procurement

Going from strength to strength to stay ahead in a dynamic world

Established in 2011 as Approach Print, our business has evolved over the years from a print management consultancy into a supply chain partner for our clients, supporting their businesses across a diverse range of categories that go far beyond our original print-focused offering.

Today, we work with household name brands to source, supply and deliver products and services which support their operations, enhance customer acquisition and make significant and positive contributions to bottom-line performance.

We work across the entire bandwidth of our client’s businesses: from providing expert design, print and promotional solutions to marketing, to coordinating supply and fulfilment of operational hardware and equipment. This work is supported by a constantly evolving set of technology solutions which ensure clients have total control and complete visibility over the critical support we offer to them.

We’ve spent ten years delivering high-quality, client-focused solutions

our team recognise our clients have fast-paced businesses and need quick, agile partners who can deliver results

In 2011 we started as a specialist print management consultancy, helping clients better pair their print requirement with a best-in-class supply chain, allowing them to benefit from our personal experience of more than 30 years.

Our focus has always been on mapping our clients’ individual specification with the precise piece of equipment, and to the right supply chain partner for the job. It became clear over time that this approach naturally separated us in a saturated market of print management firms. Whilst it may seem pretty obvious and simple, in reality this is a real step change within an print management. We have built our success to date on creating value where others could not, or did not have the inclination to.

From day one, our modus operandi has been to adopt a transparent approach; as such, we introduced all key stakeholders to give them an opportunity to collaborate with a common goal. With the key elements of trust, clear communication and transparency, we believed all parties would appreciate this unique proposition, which is one of our prominent selling points.


A supply chain as broad as your requirements

Primarily specialising in the web offset and sheetfed litho markets, our business flourished, and we organically grew to include a wide bandwidth of specialist print and communication partners to form a unique printing conglomerate. We work both B2B and B2C as well as specialising in a number of vertical markets such as mail order, travel, retail, automotive, professional services and the financial sectors.

A joined-up procurement solution for the whole business

As a team we made an early decision to make sure we get a deep understanding of our clients’ and prospective clients’ businesses so we can work consultatively. That highlighted several non-core categories regularly purchased and meant we could provide a joined-up procurement solution for those non-core categories of spend.

Focused on delivering value to clients

The benefits for the clients are numerous. Consolidated invoicing, back office efficiencies, local empowerment and central control, tight Head Office fiscal control. The Approach marketing solutions team provide intelligent data solutions to drive dynamic marketing campaigns, and our RFP/RFC system streamlines ad hoc tendering and one-off purchases. The latest addition being an integrated hybrid mail solution that brings control to your uber important business and customer communications such as invoicing and letters.

Pro-active, agile support for our clients

Being the pro-active business we are, our team recognise our clients have fast paced businesses and need quick, agile partners who can deliver results. It’s a given that our clients demand best in class print and they expect us to leverage spend along with our own, and they should expect innovative solutions and thought-provoking advice across every service we provide.

Powered by technology that actually means business

Quickly and organically our web-2-print system grew into our procurement platform. Now there is no limit to what can be purchased through our Approach Enterprise platform (AEP). This enables us to either plug in a client’s existing supply chain, they can utilise the Approach PS unique vendor neutral supply chain, or implement a hybrid mix of the two.

Doing business the right way, for everyone’s benefit

Importantly for us we do not ask for rebates, we do not select on price, but the clear ability to add value, and we always pay our partners on time.

All of this means we can uniquely provide better management intelligence reporting across all of these categories which facilitates better business decision.

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